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Bank Accounts

More than 40 banks in 20 countries


More than 12 years of experience in banks

Investment Projects


Registration of Companies

Our team offers registration and supporting of companies in the following jurisdictions: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Canada, USA, Belize, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates and the others.

Support of Companies

Attentive and high-quality support of companies is an integral part of our work. We provide necessary support for the order of such company’s documentsas: registration documents, apostilles, declarations, extracts, notarial documents, etc.

Our team has been working for 12 years in order to build long-term relationships with financial institutions. We cooperate directly with banks and we are ready to help with opening accounts in banks and payment systems in such jurisdictions like: Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates and the others.

Bank Accounts

Accountancy / Consultation

Our company offers full accountancy support.
Our services include:
• preparation of primary reporting documentation for accounting;
• obtaining VAT;
• accountancy;
• preparation of annual reports;
• consultation on tax and legal aspects of the company;
• audit

Audits / Financial Analytics

GetCorp offers auditing and financial analysis services for your company or company you are planning to buy or invest in.

Investment Projects

One of the specializations of our company is assistance in finding or implementing investment objects and business projects, particularly we offer services for attracting investors and supporting objects.

Migration Issues and Residence Permit

Our company assists in decisions on such migration issues as:
• residence permit;
• invitations, visas (including job visas);
• obtain Schengen.

Representative Services

GetCorp provides representation on behalf of customers/partners in the following fields:
• negotiating with counterparties;
• market research;
• organization of office worksystem, staff recruitment;
• and other issues.

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